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Trophy Fund Tour

This is open to all Men’s Association members and has 14 stops. Registration provides entry into “make your own foursome” Trophy Fund events, the Individual Match Play and the Men’s Club Championship. Points are awarded over the course of the year for Trophy Fund events, Stag days and five Majors, as well as the club's Majors. All events are played from the green tee markers and the points list leader at the end of the season is the tour champion. The tour is flighted and handicapped, providing an equal playing field for all skill levels. The Trophy Fund Tour has the highest pay outs with more than $25,000 in golf shop credit awarded to tour participants. Nearly $30,000 in golf shop credit is awarded to tour winners over the course of each season.

Senior Trophy Fund Tour

The Senior Trophy Fund Tour is available to all Men’s Association members ages 55 and older. All events are played from 5,700 markers with the exception of the championship flight of the Senior Club Championship. Enrollment provides entry into Senior Trophy Fund events, the Senior Individual Match Play and the Senior Club Championship. Points are awarded for Senior Trophy events and four Majors, which are weighted more heavily than the Senior Trophy Fund events. At the conclusion of the season, the points list leader becomes the tour champion. More than $10,000 in golf shop credit is awarded to tour participants.

Nine Hole Ladies & 18 Hole Ladies

Thursday morning tee times are reserved for Nine Hole Ladies Organization, one of two ladies organizations playing on a weekly basis during the golf season. Ladies pay annual dues, and participate in fun competitions such as low putts, individual gross and net, and team events. In addition, Nine Hole Ladies have the opportunity to play in guest days as well as “exchange days” with local country clubs. Weekly winners receive golf shop credit.

In season, Friday morning starting times are reserved for 18 Hole Ladies events. Annual highlights are the LadyBird Classic (member-guest), two guest days and a two-day Ladies Club Championship. The organization has its own governing body, and weekly individual and team events are contested for golf shop credit.

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