Audubon “Member for a Week” Program

This program is for individuals or families who have a sincere and active interest in joining Audubon Country Club.


Most clubs offer the typical “Member for a Day” program, but it will take more than one, two or even three days to experience all that Audubon has to offer.  The seven day membership entitles candidates to unlimited use of club facilities within a two week timeframe.  This program is offered on a limited time basis.


Member for a Week Procedures:

  • After a tour of the facilities, the club will post a deposit of $100 on your credit card for charging privileges. 
  • You will be issued your own member number to use throughout the property. 
  • You and your family will receive full access to the golf course, practice range, health club, personal training, tennis courts, swimming pool, all dining outlets and concessions.
  • You may play golf with a spouse, dependents, an Audubon member, General Manager, or any of our Golf Professionals.
  • Should you join within 21 days (after the 7 day trial); golf course, pool and health club usage fees will be credited back to your membership account.


Limitations apply for this program.  Member for a Week candidates must be approved by the Membership Director.  Approval is completed within one day.  Members for a Week are required to use a golf cart when playing golf.  Member for a Week is offered one time only to participating families or individuals; it may not be repeated.